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The summer of 1998 saw the resurgence of 80's metal music to the air waves via nationally syndicated and local radio shows devoted to the cranking of kick-ass 80's Hard Rock and Metal. The mere mention of this turnaround to the METAL enthusiast brings a smile to their face, a twinkle to their eye, and a fist held high! It became obvious that this music still had a huge audience that has been waiting for the return to this promised land. METAL!!

The METAL MEN recognized this return of the glory days of Metal and decided to usher Metal music back to the clubs of Milwaukee and beyond.

METAL MEN perform the music they love and pump pure adrenaline into the veins of old friends and new acquaintances.

The responses to the METAL MEN shows have been fantastic. The crowds, club owners and bartenders have told them how the music they cover brings back memories of an era not long gone but sometimes forgotten. The songs METAL MEN play the best of 80's and early 90's Hard Rock and Metal.

METAL MEN are four journeymen musicians that have played in some of the areas most popular Metal bands over the years (see scrolling list above).

We like to ROCK.

We kick ass.


  • Darrell Radke (lead vocals)
  • Dean Arndt (lead guitar, vocals)
  • Alan Breider (lead guitar, vocals)
  • Mike Lelo (bass guitar, vocals)
  • Billy Wendt (drums)