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METAL MEN is an award winning band made up of some of the best musicians Wisconsin has to offer. They play the best of 80's and early 90's Hard Rock and Metal. METAL MEN was born in 1998 when the resurgence of 80's metal began after the dark ages of grunge had finally faded away. METAL MEN realized that they were not the only people with a hunger for the music of a better, more fun loving, and carefree era. There was a huge audience waiting for someone to bring back that music and do it RIGHT! METAL MEN heard the call and began their 20 plus year run as one of Wisconsin's most popular bands.

METAL MEN are five seasoned journeymen musicians that have been honored with several WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) nominations and awards and played in some of the areas most popular hard rock and metal bands over the past 35 years (see scrolling list above).

We like to ROCK.

We kick ass.


  • Darrell Radke (lead vocals)
  • Dean Arndt (lead guitar, vocals)
  • Alan Breider (lead guitar, vocals)
  • Mike Lelo (bass guitar, vocals)
  • Billy Wendt (drums)